Soundview Live

How to Become the Leader You Would Follow

Date: June 20th @ 1pm EST
Speaker: Scott Miller
Leadership Styles

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Your leadership skills are about to change.

Scott Miller knows what it’s like to fail. He was demoted from his first leadership position after only three weeks - and that’s just one of several messy management experiences on his two-decade journey to leadership success. Scott’s not alone. Everyone fails. But something sets him apart: his transparency and willingness to openly share his story in a way that is immediately relatable.

Set around Scott’s book, Management Mess to Leadership Success, this Soundview Live webinar will provide leadership challenges, honed by FranklinCovey through years of research that illustrate how to rise when you fall and how to survive and even thrive as an unfiltered leader.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to lead difficult conversations and celebrate success.
  • How to inspire trust, actively listen, and challenge paradigms.
  • How to put the right people in the right roles.
  • How to create a clear and actionable vision for your team.

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About the Speaker:

Scott Miller is Executive Vice President of Business Development and Chief Marketing Officer for FranklinCovey. Scott has been with the company for 20 years, and previously served as Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. His role as EVP and Chief Marketing Officer caps 12 years on the front line, working with thousands of client facilitators across many markets and countries.

Prior to his appointment as Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, Scott served as the General Manager of the Central Region, based in Chicago. Scott originally joined Covey Leadership Center in 1996 as a Client Partner with the Education Division.

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